• RTP 5wires 10.1inch
  • RTP 5wires 10.1inch
  • RTP 5wires 10.1inch

RTP 5wires 10.1inch

Feature:3M Surface Capacitive
Touch Reliability:Designed for greater than 200 million of touches
Touch Versatility:Finger only (virtually no inadvertent touches)
Touch Response (minimum)	5.4 milliseconds
Surface Characteristics	
Durability:Glass surface (with hard coat and top coat)
Scratch Resistance:Exceeds 9H Pencil Hardness rating (max pencil hardness
 available) Mohs Hardness rating (mineral test used to determine hardness 
of different minerals – a pencil falls between 2 and 3 MoHS)**
Cleaning:Cleaning solutions for coated glass
Display Optics	:91.5% light transmission **
Ease of Integration:Sensor alignment is not critical to integration 
constant touch due to bezel contact
Temperature Operating Storage:	-40° C to 70° C **        -50°C and 85°C **

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